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Buying a 1961 Porsche 356B Roadster

1961 Porsche 356 B RoadsterIn 1960, the Porsche 356B Roadster would replace the Convertible D model in the Porsche 356 lineup. Approximately 812 models of the 1961 Porsche 356B Roadster would roll off the production line in Stuttgart before the market’s love affair with open-top driving would fade. Soft-top Porsche 356 model sales would decline significantly in the early 1960. Today, the earliest Porsche 356 models are highly desired by enthusiasts and collectors worldwide thanks to the classic design, unwavering reliability and sporty performance. It is important to mention that the soft-top Roadster is not the same as the soft-top Cabriolet, which were available at the same time. The Cabriolet was actually a soft-top version of the Coupe, while the Roadster was its own model. It also featured a removable windscreen, the same as the Convertible D, which makes it fairly recognizable when searching for a 356B. Manufactured until 1962, the Roadster can be either a T-5 or T-6 body style. The T-6 Roadster is known as the Twin-Grille Roadster and is fairly rare.

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1961 Porsche 356B Roadster Buyer’s Guide

When buying a 1961 Porsche 356B Roadster, always try to find the best condition model you can within your budget. The classic Porsche 356 models can be quite expensive to restore, so having the most complete example can save you thousands of dollars in restoration and parts costs. As with most soft-top classics, you’ll also want to check not only the condition of the soft-top, but of the interior of the 356. Due to their open-air styling, these Roadsters were often exposed to the elements far more than their Coupe counterparts. All of these items can be inspected during a third party, pre-purchase inspection performed by a qualified Porsche mechanic. If you’re looking at models on the other side of the country and need references, be sure to contact the team at The Beverly Hills Car Club. Their team is happy to provide you with the tips and tricks you need to be successful in your next Porsche 356 classic.

Designed with buyers in mind, the team at The Beverly Hills Car Club has designed this website to be a resource for Buyer’s Tips, 1961 Porsche 356B Roadster information, and to view their online inventory. They encourage you to take advantage of these resources and look forward to helping you buy the Porsche 356 classic that you desire. Connect with their team today to get started.

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