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Our vehicle rental service based in Los Angeles, CA offers unique and amazing automobile rentals for movies, TV, advertising, and more. We offer a wide variety of cars from barn-find quality to beautiful restorations, and EASY STEPS to renting our vehicles. Contact us today to get the details you need regarding scheduling, transportation, deposit, payment, cancellation, and more. 310-967-7704



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Where Can I Rent a Classic Car?

Wherever you’re located, The Beverly Hills Car Club team can help you facilitate the rental of a vintage car in your region. Based in Los Angeles, The Beverly Hills Car Club is known for operating all over the country and also internationally. The team is most famous for their excellent deals on classic cars of all makes, models, and decades. The staff’s strong dedication to helping classic car enthusiasts enjoy their passion made them the number one destination for vintage car needs. By connecting sellers, buyers, renters, mechanics and all experts, The Beverly Hills Car Club has created a large network of experienced and knowledgeable individuals in the classic car industry. Should you be thinking about hiring a classic for a movie, an event or just for a drive, The Beverly Hills Car Club team will assist you in finding the right model at an affordable rate in your region.

How to Rent a Classic Car

When looking to rent a classic, the first step is to make a selection of appropriate makes, models, and years that will work to create the effect you wish. The next step is to get all-inclusive quotes from different providers and compared the offers based on your specific needs and requirements. The Beverly Hills Car Club team can really help you find the best options for your rental needs by sharing their expertise of the market and extensive knowledge of all makes, models, and decades. One tip when you rent a classic for a few hours is to make clear what the pickup time is if the classic is being transported, and plan for delays so that you don’t have to let the car go before your event is complete. Please feel free to reach out to The Beverly Hills Car Club anytime to hear more tips and recommendations on classic car rentals.

The Beverly Hills Car Club team welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your classic car rental needs. The friendly staff will assist you throughout the research and help you make a good transaction. Connect today to get started.


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