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The 1955 BMW Isetta

1955 BMW IsettaThe 1955 BMW Isetta was the first model year released in April of that year. It was a very fuel-efficient vehicle that many tried to get their hands on due to increasing fuel prices. Nowadays, collectors and buyers love the unique look of the 1955 BMW Isetta. The BMW Isetta has a one-cylinder, four-stoke, motorcycle motor to propel the vehicle forward. While the BMW Isetta maintained the bubble-shaped window from the Italian version of the vehicle, the headlamp design was different. BMW affixed the headlamps to the sides of the vehicle and the BMW badge could be viewed below the windscreen of the vehicle. The fuel mixture was supplied by a side draft motorcycle carburetor. BMW also used radial fanning to help cool the engine along with ducting that was shrouded. The top speed of the Isetta was 53 miles per hour and could be registered as a three-wheeled vehicle.

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