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Buying or Selling a Glas 1300 GT

Glas 1300 GTWhen Andreas Glas set up shop in 1895, he probably could not have envisioned where the company would end up seventy years later, nor how its fate might intersect with a rival manufacturer. Looking at the sleek, sporty cut of a Glas 1300 GT, it hardly seems possible that such a unique and stylish machine hailed from an organization which began as an agricultural equipment repair operation. Fast forward to 1965 and Glas was contributing both mechanically and aesthetically to the increasingly competitive sports car landscape. In many respects, the Glas 1300 GT was particularly symbolic of this smaller players role in the German automotive industry.

The Glas 1300 GTs remarkable 1290 cc engine (1004 model) could achieve top speeds of 106 miles per hour at 55 kW. This power output, which was attributed to the 1964 model, would later reach 62.5 kW and allow for speeds of 109 miles per hour. The coupe model saw a mere 5,013 units produced during its relatively brief manufacturing run, and under 400 cabriolet units in all. Two years after the 1300s debut, Glas was acquired by BMW, closing the door on autonomous Glas entries thereafter. Glas having been effectively out of business for half a century has rendered its models quite rare by classic car standards. With such factors in play, working with a prestigious and credentialed dealer is often necessary and always recommended.

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