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What You Want to Know When Investing in Classic Cars

Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno aren’t the only ones filling their garages with valuable vintage cars. High-end car collecting is an increasingly popular hobby and investment strategy among many high-net-worth individuals. Collecting luxury vehicles can for many make a savvy investment as well as a smart and fun way to diversify your portfolio.

Here at Beverly Hills Car Club, we specialize in classic car sales all over the world. Continue reading and let’s walk you through everything you need to know when investing in classic automobiles.

Why Invest in Classic Cars?

Empirically speaking, classic car investments have proven to be a lucrative way to build wealth over time. The HAGI (Historic Automobile Group International) tracks several indexes that are related to the market of collectible cars. 

The HAGI Top Index tracks vintage vehicles from a variety of brands. These include Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche and others. Over the past decade, the Top Index handily outperformed market indexes such as the S&P 500.

As the global stock market continues to stand on shaky ground, people’s appetites for alternative investing strategies grows. By becoming a classic car trader, you will have a physical financial asset. You can use it, and work on it to increase its value. Classic cars have also shown to perform better than other collectibles like stamps and coins.

What Makes a Car Collectible?

There are several factors that are involved in determining how valuable a collector’s automobile is. You want the car to be both desirable and/or rare. As time goes on, cars from earlier years become harder to come by so their value naturally goes up. The engine, color combination, and model can all be determining factors as well.

Autos that have been well maintained and properly restored are going to help make the vehicle worth more too. The history of the car is also important. If a celebrity or other historical figure previously owned the car, then that will help raise the value. Especially if the previous owner had a reputation with cars, such as Paul Newman or Steve McQueen. Or if the car has a racing history or is tied to a special designer it can really boost the value.

What to Know Before Purchasing

The very first thing you are going to want to do before buying anything is research. After finding your dream car (or cars), research everything you can. Look up the history of the make and model, find out how many other cars of this kind there are, and how prices fluctuated over time. Also calculate your potential costs for things like upkeep and insurance.

You then want to buy from a reputable classic car dealer. Here at Beverly Hills Car Club, we do classic car sales for not only Los Angeles but worldwide as well. We are constantly updating our inventory and acquiring rare and exotic vehicles so we will always have something new and worthwhile. 

Check out our active inventory online or stop by our showroom and arrange for a test drive. Interested in learning more? Call us at 310.975.0272 or email us at [email protected]!


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