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Movie Prop Cars

Movie Prop CarsIf you’re doing a photo shoot themed from a movie that takes place in a past decade, you’ll need some classic cars to create the decors and build credibility. You may not be acutely aware of the popular cars in vogue at the time of the movie, the typical consumers, etc., and therefore could use the guidance of classic car experts from The Beverly Hills Car Club team. The friendly staff is well versed in the nuances of the classic auto industry and they can assist you in finding the right models with rental companies whose contracts match your special requirements. Movie cars and classic cars in general, make excellent props for pictures and if you can match the other elements on the pictures with the car, your photo shoot can be excellent.

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Finding Movie Prop Cars in Los Angeles

The Beverly Hills Car Club provides a link between private owners of movie cars and individuals of companies looking to rent classics for prop. It can be any type of vehicle, from police cars, old taxis, to more famous vehicles such as Batman’s car. The Beverly Hills Car Club can also assist you if you’re looking to have your car featured in a movie. Imagine your vehicle on screen as a prop car for a Hollywood movie! Contact The Beverly Hills Car Club team anytime and they’ll be able to help with any requests you have regarding movie prop cars. The experts have many contacts in the classic car and movie car industry worldwide, which makes them a great resource to help with classic car rental and movie prop cars matters. The team has access to a large pool of vehicles that you can choose depending on what you need the car for and what your budget is.

The Beverly Hills Car Club team is the number one group for classic, vintage and movie car. Not only does their Los Angeles showroom have a large inventory of models for sale, but also the team is known for connecting people owning and people needing classics, and for facilitating good transactions. So don’t wait and get started now!

Cars for Films in Los Angeles

Looking to rent a car for your film, need a classic prop car or vehicle? Look no further than The Beverly Hills Car Club! The team’s dealership in Los Angeles is full of classic car experts who are ready to assist in finding the right classic car to fit each scenario. A large and diverse inventory of classics, all makes, models, and decades. Whether you’re looking for a barn-find that looks like it has been driven for a number of years, or a cared-for touring auto, The Beverly Hills Car Club has exactly what you need. Having worked in the classic car industry for many years, The Beverly Hills Car Club team has developed an expertise and a deep understanding of the market, which allows the representatives to be a great resource for film car rental.

Looking to rent a classic car? Film Car Rental in Los Angeles. Add some authenticity to your shooting by featuring a fleet of classic cars that will make a huge difference in terms of credibility and design. Classic cars attract attention quite easily and people remember them, even if they aren’t car enthusiasts.

Moreover, the car driven by the hero will say a lot about the character and participate to creating a relationship between the story and the audience. A few recommendations when renting a classic car is to make sure you start your booking ahead of time as many models get reserved for special events. The film industry can be unpredictable however, so it’s important to understand the cancellation policy, as some rental car agencies request a non-refundable deposit. The Beverly Hills Car Club team would love to share their best practice recommendations for renting a classic car in Los Angeles or any other region.

Looking into renting a classic car for film shooting? You’ve come to the right people. The Beverly Hills Car Club have been dealing with classic cars for a number of years and the staff gained top expertise when it comes to all the different makes and models throughout the decades. Begin the process of looking for the right classic car for your film today by connecting with The Beverly Hills Car Club team! Be assured that the experienced staff will provide you with the utmost professionalism throughout the process. If you’re not familiar with classic cars, The Beverly Hills Car Club welcomes you at their Los Angeles classic car dealership anytime to come check out the current inventory and get a feel for the models that would match the environment you’re trying to create in the movie.

If you need one or multiple classic cars for your film in order to recreate a scene in the past, The Beverly Hills Car Club team would be delighted to work with you. Not only is the team composed of classic car enthusiasts who are always delighted to share their knowledge and expertise on the different makes and models, but also the team knows the market very well and can direct you towards the best classic car rental options for your needs. Shooting a movie involves unplanned changes of schedule and shoots, which makes it necessary for you to have a flexible contract that allow you to have enough leeway to go all the way with your idea. The Beverly Hills Car Club team understands this and can ensure that they’ll do the best to facilitate such a rental agreement.

Get in touch with The Beverly Hills Car Club team today to hear more about the team’s many tips and recommendations and move forward with the search of the perfect fleet of classics for your films. Be sure to start the process early as many models get booked months ahead for big events.

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