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1978 Lotus Esprit for Sale ?


The Lotus Esprit was a British, two-seater sports car introduced as a concept car at Turin in 1972 and built from 1976 to 2004 in many different trims. The Lotus Series 1 was produced until 1978 and the Series 2 was introduced in the summer of 1978. The Lotus Esprit featured a steel backbone chassis and a fiberglass body, penned by Italdesign. A Lotus 907 4-cylinder engine powered the car with a capacity of 2 liters and an output of 160 hp140 hp for the American model. A 5-speed manual gearbox transmitted power to the wheels and the model’s performance were recorded as follow: top speed of 138 hp, 0-to-60 mph acceleration in 6.8 seconds. The 1978 Lotus Esprit Series 2 introduced improvements including intake and cooling duct vents, new taillights, new wheels, and an integrated front spoiler.

1978 Lotus Esprit Buyer or Seller?

Interesting fact about the Lotus Esprit models is that they were all hand-made, which took an average of 500 hours per car. More than 80% on the parts used in the construction were made by Lotus. Each example was therefore very unique. If you’re looking at a particular example of 1978 Lotus Esprit, be sure to ask the owner about the specificities of his model. Also, ask for the documentation available on the classic, including certificates, service and maintenance records, or information concerning the history of ownership. Some documents can give you valuable information on the example and increase the value of the classic down the road. The Beverly Hills Car Club team is known for sharing many tips and advice. Don’t hesitate to call them for more!

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Moreover, The Beverly Hills Car Club has a large inventory of classic cars for sale. Browse their online inventory to find out about models of 1978 Lotus Esprit available for sale. The friendly staff welcomes you anytime at their Los Angeles classic car dealership. Connect today and start your adventure!


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