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Buying an Alfa Romeo Series 1 Spider

Alfa Romeo Series 1 SpiderThe first generation of the Alfa Romeo Spider, also known as the Spider Duetto, was presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1961. Yet, the continuing success of existing Alfa Romeo models of the era and economical challenges facing Italy meant that the first pre-launch production Spider models would not begin to emerge until the end of 1965. The Alfa Romeo Series 1 Spider would be based on the Giulia 105 series chassis and would officially launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1966. Boasting a Pininfarina body and a 1,570cc variant of the popular Alfa Romeo twin-cam four-cylinder engine with dual Weber carburetors, the Series 1 Spider began with approximately 109hp. The original Duetto would see production from 1966 to 1967, being replaced in late 1967 by the 1750 Spider Veloce, which offered 118hp and a 1.8L engine. A new Spider 1300 Junior would be introduced in 1968 with a 1,290cc engine and 89hp. Due to its long tail, the classic Alfa Romeo Series 1 Spider models are sometimes called boat tail models to help distinguish them from the later Series 2 models known for their Kamm tail. Alfa Romeo Series 1 Spider models are considered as those produced from 1966 to 1969, of which approximately 13,678 were manufactured.

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Alfa Romeo Series 1 Spider Buyers Guide

As with most Alfa Romeo models of this era, when selecting an Alfa Romeo Series 1 Spider for purchase, special attention should be paid to any areas of rust damage. While these early classic Alfa Romeo Spider models are typically easy to work on mechanically and interior trim seems to be readily available, bodywork can be expensive. In fact, many collectors find that a Series 1 Spider with extensive rust damage can be too far-gone to fix economically. If it is important to you, be sure that your restoration costs will not outweigh the estimated value of your Spider. In addition to rust damage, you should check for collision damage. While this may not disqualify a car from being a good candidate for purchase, it can mean the difference between paying enough and paying too much. The best way to ensure you have a good overall picture of the condition of any potential purchase is to hire a third party inspector that specializes in classic Alfa Romeo Series 1 Spider models. The Beverly Hills Car Club can help connect you to a professional in your area.

For more Buyers Tips or to explore The Beverly Hills Car Clubs inventory of classic Alfa Romeo Series 1 Spider models, please feel free to browse this website at your leisure. Should you have any questions or would like to see a particular model in person, please do not hesitate to connect with a Beverly Hills Car Club representative today. They look forward to hearing from you and to helping you find the classic Alfa Romeo that you desire. Connect today!

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