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Buying an Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo SpiderThere are few classics today that offer the mass-market appeal of the classic Alfa Romeo Spider and continue to represent a great buying opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts of all types. Buying an Alfa Romeo Spider means owning a timeless beauty, unaffected by changing fashion, with an eye-catching Pininfarina body and a curvature that has stood the test of time. In fact, the shape introduced at Turins 1966 Motor Show would survive more than 28 years with just one significant restyle. With four different engines offered throughout the long and complex lifespan of the Spider, buying an Alfa Romeo Spider can seem overwhelming for the inexperienced. With that being said, The Beverly Hills Car Club is happy to share their knowledge and experience with you to help you find the classic Alfa Romeo Spider that best suits your needs and expectations.

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Alfa Romeo Spider Buyers Guide

As with many cars of the 1960s and 1970s, there are some important mechanical and body issues with the Alfa Romeo Spider that should always be inspected prior to purchase. Rust protection, for example, was nearly non-existent during these years and repairs are often complex and costly. For this reason alone, it is always best to buy an Alfa Romeo Spider with the best body you can find. Another important consideration to make is the condition of the engine. The four-cylinder, all-alloy twin-cam engine that was fitted to the Spider is renowned for being quite exceptional for its era; however, they dont take neglect very well. The most common issue is a blown head gasket. Yet, if the Spiders engine is maintained property, it should last for more than 120,000 miles without needing a rebuild. Lastly, engine mountings have a habit of failing (particularly on the exhaust side), so buyers should ensure there are inspected thoroughly. Securing a pre-purchase inspection with a qualified Alfa Romeo specialists is always a great idea when purchasing one of these special classics.

These are just a few of the Buyers Tips for the Alfa Romeo Spider that The Beverly Hills Car Club has learned over their years of experience in the classic car marketplace. When youre ready to find the classic Spider that best suits your needs, be sure to browse their online inventory. Dont see exactly what youre looking for? Connect with The Beverly Hills Car Club today to discuss your specific requirements from barn finds to mint condition. Their team looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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