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Saoutchik Classic Bentley CoachbuildRussian-born Jacques Saoutchik founded this coachbuilder during the late 20th century following a well-established career in cabinetry. Regarded in some circles as one of the wildest, and most avant-garde coachbuilders of all-time, Saoutchik was a high-end builder that became famous during the 1930s for their combination of high-quality and oft-extravagant designs. The French coachbuilder styled bodies for many of the most prominent brands of the time, including Bugatti, Delahaye, Pegaso, Cadillac, and others. The flamboyant Jacques passed in 1955, moving ownership of the company into the hands of his son, Pierre. This unfortunately coincided with many of the luxury car makers going out business, and ostentatious coachbuilder collapsed along with them.

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