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Buying or Selling a 1965 BMW 1600

1965 BMW 1600The 1965 BMW 1600 was a rather short but nonetheless key chapter in BMWs history. Being visually the same as the 1500 that preceded it, the 1600 was mostly just an updated version with a much-improved engine and a more sporty feel to it, which is just what consumers wanted at the time. The success of the New Class line of models is due mostly to the economic conditions at the time- there was a burgeoning middle class who was growing more and more wealthy, and BMW, mirroring its success with the 700, managed to build the right car at the right time. The New Class sedans were regarded as among the smartest things to drive at the time, and, being so popular, spread like wildfire and encouraged BMW to expand the models assorted variations. The 1600, then was more of a straight upgrade over the 1500, which was widely regarded as one of the best cars of the time already.

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1965 BMW 1600 Buyers Guide

With regards to trying to find and buy a 1965 BMW 1600, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. One is where to look for one. While not exactly ultra-rare, you probably arent going to find a 1600 in someones lawn with a FOR SALE sign and a phone number on it and so finding one might take some digging. Once youve managed to find one, another concern arises: determining its value. Its very heavily recommended that for this, you hire a professional inspector, or a mechanic you know and trust who has extensive experience in classic cars and what to look for when inspecting. Most often, what is found includes hidden rust, non-original parts, minor internal wear and tear, and superficial body damage that had been repaired prior. All of these affect the value of the car, bringing it down from a perfect numbers-matching right-off-the-assembly-line new example to potentially far lower. There exists a place that can aid you with both of these issues. As for where to look, the Beverly Hills Car Club is a high-end classic car showroom staffed by a team who, in a word, knows exactly what theyre doing: being passionate about classic cars.

With a reputation for honesty and years of professional experience, the Beverly Hills Car Club also constitutes as someone trustworthy as to the value of a given vehicle- they would never disparage their love for classic cars for the sake of a profit, and will always give you the whole story. For more information dont be afraid to contact the Beverly Hills Car Club!

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