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Buying or Selling a 1968 BMW 2000 Sedan

1968 BMW 2000 SedanThe once struggling Bavarian automobile manufacturer, Bayerische Motoren Werke, had reversed its own fortunes handily by the late-1960s. BMW had achieved this remarkable commercial feat by designing and brilliantly marketing its New Class sedans, a series of consumer-focused cars that offered the complete package of reliability, comfort, and performance. The last of these, performance, would only improve year over year as BMWs engineers pulled more and more power from the dynamic and highly configurable M10 motor. Enter the 1968 BMW 2000 Sedan, a direct descendant of the earlier New Class models and a nominal successor to the 1800 that had sold well consistently from 1963 onwards. This was ultimately an example of BMW outdoing itself (once again), as the 1968 BMW 2000 Sedan was truly the manufacturers first major milestone in merging comfort, class, and power. Nowadays, this combination of elements is regarded by consumers as a given; but to the 1960s buying public, BMW was moving the car industry in an entirely new and favorable direction.

What the 1968 BMW 2000 Sedan had managed was to house considerable engine strength within a smooth-riding, stable carriage structure. The result was a sedan that plugged along nicely while keeping its occupants safe and stable throughout the ride. Automotive evolution and a natural progression towards refined design were at work in the 2000 series, as professional reviews and driver complaints (few though they were) had been taken into account beginning with the 1500, continuing with its model 1600 successor, and even occasionally coming to pass with the otherwise well-received 1800. Modern buyers interested in the 1968 BMW 2000 Sedan stand to benefit from the improvements which had reliably led to its excellent design and engineering.

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