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Buying or Selling a Rolls Royce Phantom VI

Rolls Royce Phantom VIThe tail end of the tumultuous sixties would see the introduction of the Rolls Royce Phantom VI as a more exclusive upgrade to the Phantom V. It production coincides with the split and partial Nationalization of Rolls Royce and thus finds a place between worlds with one foot back in the old realm with Rolls Royce Ltd and another towards the new frontier with Rolls Royce Motors. The early models would be much like the Phantom V with its V8 engine, large drum brakes, and quad headlamps. As the last Rolls Royce to have a separate chassis, the Phantom VI saw further standardization of its design under the merged Mulliner Park Ward. Most were built as somewhat uniform limousines with a similar aesthetic to the Phantom V sporting the same Parthenon style grille and chromed out hubcaps, the only departure being a slightly taller green house.

In 1979 it would see a much-needed boon with a new 3-speed gearbox a pair of dual air conditioning units to keep passengers cool as they rode in the lap of luxury. It would have one of the longest runs in the brands history being built from 1968 on into 1990 gradually finding its place with a small number of high-profile buyers such as Queen Elizabeth II and the Governor-General of Australia.

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