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Buying or Selling a Classic Rolls-Royce?

Knowing how to sell classic Rolls-Royce cars isn’t easy. How do you value the invaluable? It can be difficult to give up these vehicles since they’re so stunning and a necessary part of anyone’s classic car collection.
However, you can make selling your classic Rolls-Royce easier by working with a company that values these vehicles and offers good money for them.

Our team at Beverly Hills Car Club is here to help!

Alex Manos of the Beverly Hills Car Club is a renowned classic Rolls-Royce value expert. He loves nothing more than talking classic cars with enthusiasts and helping them sell at the right price.
If you’re looking to sell a classic Rolls-Royce, call us now, and we’ll get a conversation rolling about the world’s most beautiful car.

Let’s talk About the Classic Rolls Royce!

About Rolls-Royce Cars

Rolls-Royce Limited was the original vehicle manufacturer. It was created in Manchester, England, in 1904 and produced some of the most legendary cars of the 20th Century. Today, the company is known as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.


Classic Rolls-Royce cars are so famed for their beauty and luxury that the name is in the dictionary. Anyone can see how beautiful these cars are at a glance, but few people understand what makes them so special: their legacy.


Classic Rolls-Royce cars are also rare, which is why Alex Manos is always looking for these vehicles in good condition. If you have a classic Rolls-Royce for sale, take a look at our guide to classic Rolls-Royce cars by year, check out the independent reviews, and get in touch to discuss classic Rolls-Royce value.

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1933 Rolls-Royce 20:25 Coupe Coachwork By Park Ward side view

What to Look For?


Pre-war models are virtually antique and are often slightly worn out. Pre-war models (or any classic car) in good condition are very attractive to buyers.


Salamanca Blue, Belladonna Purple, English White, and Black are all very popular colors for a classic Rolls-Royce for sale.


The fewer miles a Rolls-Royce has driven, the higher its value.

Which Rolls-Royce Would You Buy?

Pre-1939: Pre-War Models

All pre-war models are incredibly valuable. If you have a pre-war classic Rolls-Royce for sale, Alex Manos can help you understand its true value.

1946-59: Silver Wraith

The Silver Wraith is one of the most sought-after classic Rolls-Royce vehicles. It can fetch huge prices.

1955-66: Silver Cloud

The Silver Cloud saw major design changes, making it an iconic classic car.

1965-80: Silver Shadow

The Silver Shadow changed the game for many car lovers. It’s still one of the most desirable classic Rolls-Royce models today.

1971-96: Corniche

People looking to find classic Rolls-Royces often search for the Corniche. It commands high prices and is a beautiful car.

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Other than project and barn find cars, classic Jaguar dealers can restore these beautiful cars with loving care. If the condition is making you question your E Type value, the Beverly Hills Car Club is here to offer advice and help you sell E Type models.

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Cars By Year

1907: Original Silver Ghost

The original Silver Ghost vehicle is considered the most valuable car in existence, valued at around $48m. The 40/50 series are also referred to by this name and are among the most valuable classic models.

1907-25: 40/50

The 40/50 series established the brand as the premier luxury car manufacturer of its day. It could clock a remarkable 24mph with its unique 6-cylinder, 7-liter engine and had a truly gorgeous design.

1922-29: Twenty

The Twenty was also known as the Baby Rolls, as it was smaller than the 40/50, and the Phantom I. Post-1925 models feature an innovative 4-speed gearbox and could reach 60mph.

1925-29: 40/50 Phantom I

The Phantom is one of the most enduringly popular classic Rolls-Royce cars, and the Phantom I is the most valuable of them all.

1929-36: 20/25

The 20/25 was an enhanced version of the Twenty, reaching 75mph with better braking capabilities. It’s one of the best-selling pre-war models.

1929-35: Phantom II

The Phantom II offered incredible performance for its time. Its exterior was also sumptuous, and several rare variations such as the Continental and Continental Saloon exist, fetching extremely high prices.

1936-39: Phantom III

The Phantom III was a beast of a car. Boasting a 12-cylinder engine and 160 horsepower, it was a powerhouse among pre-war models.

1936-38: 25/30

The 25/30 was a small car with a big heart. It could travel up to 80mph. As one of the last of the pre-war models, it has a hauntingly familiar aesthetic for any 30s and 40s film buffs.

1938-39: Wraith

The Wraith is one of the rarest discoveries when you’re trying to find classic Rolls-Royces for sale. It’s a car of true beauty and was a famously smooth ride.

1946-59: Silver Wraith

The Silver Wraith marked the end of WW2 and helped the company find its feet in this new era. It was a blend of economy and luxury and is extremely valuable today.

1949-55: Silver Dawn

The Silver Dawn was a larger, more powerful post-war vehicle, somewhat inspired by Bentley vehicles.

1950-56: Phantom IV

The Phantom IV is a powerful successor in the Phantom dynasty. It has an extremely rare limousine variant closely associated with the British monarchy.

1955-66: Silver Cloud

The Silver Cloud was a benchmark in design for Rolls-Royce, adopting a more rounded chassis. It’s highly valued for this reason.

1959-62: Silver Cloud II

The Silver Cloud II is a higher-powered Silver Cloud model and introduced AC to classic Rolls-Royce cars.

1959-68: Phantom V

The Phantom V is a powerful, luxurious classic car beloved by legendary figures such as John Lennon and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

1963-66: Silver Cloud III

The Silver Cloud III underwent several variations during its production time, making each year’s model unique.

1965-80: Silver Shadow

The Silver Shadow was the first classic Rolls-Royce to be affordable for most car enthusiasts. The Silver Shadow is a legendary vehicle with incredible handling.

1968-91: Phantom VI

The Phantom VI was a transitionary car between the old company and the new.

1971-96: Corniche

The Corniche was a sleek new model and an incredibly popular car.

1975-86: Camargue

The Camargue was a refined, distinctive vehicle boasting enhanced climate control features.

1977-80: Silver Shadow II

The Silver Shadow II featured impressive power-lift steering and enhanced suspension.

1977-80: Silver Wraith II

The Silver Wraith II was a Silver Shadow variant named due to its remarkable similarities to the legendary Silver Wraith.

1980-98: Silver Spirit

The Silver Spirit featured luxurious leather upholstery and has distinctive rectangular headlights.

1980-2000: Silver Spur

The Silver Spur possessed impressive handling and shock-absorbing features.

1986-89: Corniche II

The Corniche II added new features like anti-lock brakes and rubber bumpers.

1988-92: Silver Spur II

The Silver Spur II included quality-of-life upgrades to make the interior more spacious.

1989-93: Corniche III

The Corniche III was a much-modernized Corniche model featuring airbags and enhanced suspension.

1992-95: Corniche IV

The Corniche IV was a rip-roaring model with increased power and amazing comfort upgrades.

1994-95: Flying Spur

The Flying Spur had a gorgeous exterior design and improved features such as dual airbags

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What is The Best Place Online to Buy or Sell a Classic Rolls-Royce?

So, wondering “how to sell my classic Rolls-Royce?” 

Find a buyer who will appreciate your classic Rolls-Royce for what it is. If a buyer isn’t interested in talking around the car for hours while you point out every aspect of its beauty, they’re in the wrong market, and you should look elsewhere.

You need to sell classic Rolls-Royce cars to someone who won’t just listen to you wax lyrical but will join in and discuss how these features make the car valuable. That’s how you know your baby will be taken care of and that you’ll get the right price.

Alex Manos of the Beverly Hills Car Club is always looking for classic Rolls-Royces. he has decades of experience buying and selling these luxury vehicles and knows exactly what they’re worth. Alex will meet you, inspect the vehicle, and offer you a price that’s better than most buyers. 

If you have a classic Rolls-Royce for sale, call Alex today to discuss how he will offer you a price for your vehicle.

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