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Buying or Selling a Rolls Royce Wraith

Rolls Royce WraithAs the final model to be introduced in the pre-war period before the companys resources would be attuned for supplying the Allied forces, the Rolls Royce Wraith marks the end of an era for Rolls Royce. While circumstances wouldnt allow for the several year production run that was originally planned, it did manage to create a frightfully rare vehicle at only around 500 chassis built in total. The Wraiths greatest advantage over its predecessors was superior handling in the form of independent front suspension, making it quite a bit more responsive than other cars in the Twenty lineage. A purely stylistic change was the addition of a larger frame allowing coachbuilders to accommodate the ever larger and more elaborate bodies that consumers were interested in.

While not faster than others in the Rolls Royce catalogue, the Wraith offered a smoother ride with its enhanced hydraulic system and greater acceleration capable of taking the Wraith from 0 to 50 mph in about 16 seconds. Well never know how successful it could have been had history taken a different turn, but its surely enough a beautiful machine.

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Rolls Royce Wraith Buyers Guide

Once your interest is piqued and you find yourself on the search for a Rolls Royce Wraith or simply browsing for a classic car that suits your tastes, there are a few things all buyers should account for. Youll need to identify that the model is in fact the one its being presented as. This is of immense importance when dealing with cars of surpassing rarity like the Wraith. One distinguishing feature in this case would be that the Wraiths chassis is four inches longer than the 25/30s. Other things you might want to consider are mileage and any symptoms of wear, as well as the history of the vehicle (especially in the case of repairs and replacement parts). All of these are factors that can be positive or negative to your buying experience.

The safest bet is always locating an experienced individual or set of individuals who can make accurate judgments on the quality of a certain vehicle. Luckily, youll find a skillful team of professionals eager to offer a helping hand at The Beverly Hills Car Club. Talk to a member today and get on the road to success.

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