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How and Where to Sell Classic Cars

If you’re looking for answers on what’s the best way to sell classic cars, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know, from preparing your car for sale to finding the right buyer.

Before searching for “classic car dealers near me” and choosing the first result, read through this guide and discover how to handle a sale correctly.

Our team at Beverly Hills Car Club is here to help!

Prepare Your Car for Selling

If you search “classic car dealers near me,” you should find someone who buys vehicles in various conditions, as long as they’re a ‘classic’. However, some preparation on your end will definitely impact presenting your vehicle in the best light.

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If you want to know what’s the best way to sell classic cars, understanding that a little bit of initial time and energy is the best tactic.

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Beverly Hills Car Club is one of the largest classic car dealers in the US. Alex Manos (owner) and his staff have years of experience buying, selling (and driving!) the world’s greatest cars. We’re happy to offer you immediate buying services when you sell your vehicle to us:

Immediate payment. When you bring in your classic car at BHCC, you never have to worry about when you get paid. Once the title is signed over, payment is transferred immediately, whether through a wire transfer or check.

Top dollar value. At BHCC, we guarantee that we will give you our best offer for your car. Instead of selling privately or to another dealer dragging their feet, bring it to us to get the value you deserve.

Convenient vehicle pickup. We will pick up your car from anywhere in the US, you do not need to bring in your classic vehicle by yourself. We offer vehicle pickup at your convenience.

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    Mechanical Work

    If your vehicle hasn’t run in years, you don’t need to invest thousands to get it up and running. However, if some essential mechanical work is due, it’s best to get this done. 

    Getting your car in top shape for its condition will make it easier for buyers to say yes. 

    However, if you need to know what’s the best way to sell classic cars that are complete originals, a lot of mechanical work may be the opposite of what you need. If the mechanical work includes replacements, disrupting what would otherwise be a wholly original piece of machinery, then avoid replacements over mechanical function. 

    Cosmetic Work

    If a quick car wash could earn you more buyers or extra dollars, wouldn’t you take the time to scrub? What’s the best way to sell classic cars — when they look their worst?

    Visuals are powerful when you’re in the business of buying and selling. So make sure your vehicle looks its best before you start showing it off to all the “classic car buyers near me in California”. 

    Some detailing inside and out will remove any serious dirt and grime and make your vehicle look presentable to your potential buyers. 

    Collect Records

    When it comes to classic cars, records reign supreme. Any paper trail you have accumulated should be included in preparation to share the vehicle’s history. This should consist of old receipts, ownership papers, and old photographs. 

    Once you’ve gathered everything and your vehicle is looking its best, it’s time to take updated photographs. These photos will be essential for sharing how it looks and getting the best offers. 

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    The Sales Process

    Once your vehicle is prepped mechanically and cosmetically and has its records in order, it’s time to start the sales process. Here are some things you should know before you sell. 

    Setting a Price

    Before you speak to a buyer, you need to research what price to expect. This way, you don’t fall for the first low-balled offer. However, be honest with yourself and understand that a buyer likely won’t have any emotional attachment as you have. Your price should be set objectively. 


    You should have a marketing plan in place rather than throwing everything at the wall and seeing what gets you a sale. Write up advertising materials to reach your “classic car buyers near me” and see what avenue may be best (auctions vs. dealers etc., which will be covered in depth shortly). 

    If you just talk about selling without a plan in place, you’ll never reach your goal.

    Closing the Sale

    Once you’ve agreed on a sale, you’ll want to have a plan for how you’ll collect your money. While this often goes smoothly, sellers must be aware of the pitfalls they face and understand how to avoid them. 

    Where the Process Goes Wrong

    • Online Ad Fraud. Someone may steal your listing and sell it to someone as if it’s their car. 
    • Bogus Payments. Your buyer drives away with the car, only for you to realize you’ve been handed a fake money order, no-good check, or counterfeit bills. 
    • Robberies and Stolen Vehicles. Whether it occurs during a test drive or just while a friend of theirs is holding you up, “interested buyers” may just be robbers looking for an easy way to get the car key in hand and take off. 

    To avoid these problems, here are some tips:

    • Be strict on payments. Electronic payments are generally the safest as funds can be instantly transferred and verified. 
    • Get contact information from potential buyers. Do a little follow-up research yourself to spot red flags. 
    • Don’t show your car alone. Having a friend nearby can help stop problems as there’s strength in numbers. 

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    Where to Sell Classic Cars?

    Your car is all prepared for a sale, but what’s the best way to sell classic cars and where? 

    Here are the top ways people are selling their classic vehicles today. Check it out and see which option may be best for where to sell your classic car. 

    Dealer or Broker

    When you team up with a dealer or broker, you have just about everything taken care of by an expert. In exchange, you sign a contract offering them a cut of the profits. The percentage is negotiable, so you should look around for the best offer. 

    This is an ideal option for those looking to get their vehicle off their plate and have a professional find the best buyer. A simple search of “classic car dealers near me” will offer many options. Just make sure you choose one of the classic car buyers near you that has a spotless reputation with former clients and one that specializes in your vehicle. 

    Print and Online Advertising 

    Putting your vehicle in front of curious eyes is the best way to get it seen by as many people as possible and find more potential buyers, maybe even get a bidding war going. But to attract buyers, you need effective advertising. 

    Thankfully, there are so many places to advertise a vehicle these days, far beyond just the classifieds in a newspaper that we used to be limited to. 

    Of course, you can check out local, regional, or national papers. But also expand your ads to more platforms, including newsletters, online marketplaces, and magazines. 


    Auctions bring together all the potential buyers who are actively in the market for what you’re selling — it doesn’t get much better. You can choose between online and live auctions. 

    Before agreeing to the closest auction or first online auction available, do a little research. Different auctions specialize in specific types of vehicles. If you send your car to the wrong show, you could walk away with far less money than you’d get from a different auction. 

    A bit of research into an auction’s specialty will help avoid this issue. 

    Car Shows

    There seems to be magic in the air at shows. Surrounded by so many vehicles with history and class, people often come away ready to purchase their next classic car. You can help with that inspiration by offering your vehicle at the show. 

    This cuts out the “classic car buyers near me” middle man and allows you to directly reach out to potential buyers. You may not be able to show a vehicle for sale at the show itself but look into renting a spot at the corral and put up a for-sale sign in the windshield.  

    Word of Mouth

    Not every sale needs to start online with a “classic car dealers near me” search. You can get the word out with word-of-mouth advertising as well. You just need to know who to talk to. 

    Call up your fellow classic car enthusiast friends. Let them know to pass the word along to their friends. With such a tight community that classic models enjoy, many can sell their vehicles quickly through the grapevine. 


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    The Best Place for Where to Sell Classic Cars

    When searching for where to sell classic cars, you want to know you ultimately choose someone you can trust to give you a fair price. That’s why, time and again, sellers come to Beverly Hills Car Club for classic car dealers “near me”. 

    Beverly Hills Car Club buys cars in all conditions and conducts a complete evaluation to offer sellers and buyers alike fair deals. As the experts in classic cars, the club likely knows your vehicle better than you do. And since the club is nationwide, you can spend less time searching for “classic car buyers near me” and know you’re selling to only the best, no matter where you are. 

    If you’re ready to earn some money, contact the Beverly Hills Car Club today and sell your classic car

    Sell Your Car Today

    No matter the condition of your car, through a few simple steps like gathering the related paperwork and optional touchups, you could earn a real profit. 

    So don’t despair if your car doesn’t look like it did ten years ago, or you never had any takers for your social media posts advertising it. If you team up with a well-known and reliable buyer like Beverly Hills Car Club, you could be seeing a sale in no time. 

    You don’t need to wait any longer. Now that you know where to sell classic cars, get in touch with a premier buyer and make money now. 

    “My team and I are privileged to buy and sell some of the world’s most beautiful and unique vintage automobiles, and we want to talk to you! We sell internationally, and we also buy anywhere in the US, any condition, immediate payment. Regardless of your needs, white-glove service are hallmarks of how we do business.” – Alex Manos (owner)


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