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Buying or Selling a 1957 BMW 600

1957 BMW 600The 1957 BMW 600 was the first production model of the lovable plus-size bubble car, and for this first year of production, it was actually selling quite well, though not as well as was hoped. It was moderately more expensive than the then-booming Volkswagen Beetle, which many suggest is why it wasnt as successful as it could have been. However, the 600 was still an innovative, fun little car- sometimes called a bubble bus, due to its ability to seat four in relative comfort- from a company balancing on the very edge of bankruptcy. So innovative, in fact, that the rear suspension system was used on all BMW vehicles until the 1990s. There was even an option for a semi-automatic transmission, but the four-speed manual was standard. The design of the car was extraordinarily space-efficient, and, as is the purpose of an economy car, the 600 was very fuel efficient as well.

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1957 BMW 600 Buyers Guide

If youre looking for a 1957 BMW 600, there are several things to keep in mind. First, most 600s that still exist are probably 1957, because the most were manufactured during this year. Second, not many 600s youll find will be in any sort of working condition. They were sturdy and well made, but they were still budget cars, and as a result, many have simply rusted apart in junkyards and forgotten garages. This isnt to say that no working-condition examples exist, as there are many beautifully done restorations using original replacement parts, and there are even some extant numbers-matching models out there, but theyre quite rare, and of very high value. If youre interested in a BMW 600, the Beverly Hills Car Club may be able to help. They have the expertise and professional training to help you with any questions you may have, and they could also help you acquire a 600, if you so desired. They eagerly await your call.

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