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Buying or Selling a 1958 BMW 600

1958 BMW 600While initially a success, consumers lost interest in economy cars when the fuel shortages were no longer an issue, and they wanted to get back to driving normal-looking cars, which the 1958 BMW 600 was very much not, with its puny engine and strange front door more characteristic of an Isetta than anything wed recognize as a car today. Sales of the 600 began to plummet drastically in the second year of its production, due to the increasingly negative feelings associated with its bubble-car shape, which reminded the consumers of the still-open wounds of wartime and the subsequent occupation. While never as popular as the original Isetta to begin with, the BMW 600 is now a rare and often sought-after car, due to so few being preserved in any good condition.

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1958 BMW 600 Buyers Guide

Possibly the worst issue with looking for a 1958 BMW 600 is that there are so few examples that are in good shape. Most of the 600s are, at this point, either rusted-out hulks, slightly less rusted-out hulks, scrap metal, or the alarmingly few that are still in good working order, along with several beautiful restorations. If youve managed to find one, and are considering buying, inspect the vehicle as thoroughly as possible for rust, non-manufacturer replacement parts, and to ensure that the vehicle actually runs, as all of these affect the value of the vehicle. While this may sound like common sense, many deals have gone poorly due to one or both parties involved not doing their research and misjudging the value of the car. However, there is a place where you may not have to do so much work to get a great, fair deal- the Beverly Hills Car Club.

The Beverly Hills Car Club showroom is run by a team of experienced professionals, dedicated to the care of classic cars of all makes and models! They also have the connections and expertise to acquire almost any classic car out there, including the BMW 600! If youd like to learn more about the lovable bubble-bus, or are interested in having one of your own, dont hesitate to give the Beverly Hills Car Club a call!

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