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Buying or Selling a BMW 600

BMW 600During the astoundingly poor financial state that BMW found itself in throughout the late 1950s, the company needed to add to its range of available models, but lacked the funds to build a new car with a new engine. So, in a stroke of ingenuity, they used the widely produced BMW version of the fondly remembered Isetta bubble car as a basis for a new four-seater economy car: the BMW 600. It featured the front door and the front suspension of the Isetta, but due to needing enough room to seat four, the design of the back was altered, with an innovative rear suspension system, two extra seats, and a slightly larger and more powerful motorcycle engine mounted in the back. While a hallmark of space-efficient design, and while it initially sold well, the 600 ended up flopping due to the consumers wanting real cars again, due to fuel shortages coming to an end.

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Nearly 35,000 BMW 600s were manufactured over its production run of mid-1957 to late 1959. Many of these have since rusted away or been otherwise destroyed over the years, making finding a 600 quite the arduous task, let alone one in anything resembling good condition. The Beverly Hills Car Club has this to say about the infamous limousine version of the beloved rolling egg: do your research. While a well-made machine, most 600s found nowadays are very much not in anything resembling working order, and many will likely never run again. The Beverly Hills Car Club, a dedicated team of experts, are the real professionals when it comes to classic cars.

They eagerly await the chance to provide you with information regarding the 600, and indeed any classic car. They have dedicated their lives to classic vehicles, and they very much want to help you find your dream automobile- and if anyone can get you a BMW 600, they can. Give them a call today!

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