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Car Tales: The Biggest Car Splash Of All? The BMW 850CSi

‘Due to our location at Beverly Hills Car Club, we from time to time find ourselves in the orbits of stellar representatives of contemporary culture: icons of stage, screen and studio. But someone we would love to connect with – but to our knowledge never have – is our Hollywood Hills neighbor, the great English artist David Hockney, a resident of LA for almost 50 years.
1994 BMW 850CSI 6-Speed for sale
‘So it was an exciting moment when it came to our knowledge that back in 2014 David Hockney had participated in BMW’s Art Car project, with his pop art interpretation of a BMW 850CSi.

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‘An example of which that we have at this very moment at Beverly Hills Car Club. ‘It would be good to perhaps show the car so you could be looking inside it,’ Hockney had described his approach to the project.
David Hockney Art Car
‘For more than 40 years the BMW Group has initiated and engaged in over 100 cultural cooperations worldwide. Renowned artists from throughout the world such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Jenny Holzer, Olafur Eliasson, Jeff Koons, Zubin Metha, Daniel Barenboim and Anna Netrebko co-operated with BMW and have designed BMW automobiles of their times, all making different artistic statements.
‘The BMW Art Cars project reflects the cultural and historical development of art, design, and technology and has been presented by major museums around the world, including the Guggenheim and the Louvre.
‘Moreover, it is little surprise that Hockney should have chosen the BMW 850CSi as his subject. For it is itself a consummate piece of art, the spiritual heir of the BMW 3.0 CSL, itself one of the most iconic cars in the world.
‘The one we have at Beverly Hills Car Club at the moment is a highly collectible 1994 BMW 850CSi 6-Speed (number 89 out of 225 CSis imported to the USA 1994-95), with 49,251 miles on the odometer. It comes in black with a black and grey interior.
1994 BMW 850CSI 6-Speed side view
‘The E31 comes equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, 5.6-liter V12 M-Division engine, air conditioning, power windows, power steering, power front seats, power sunroof, 4-wheel disc brakes, and spare tire. Also included is the original owner’s manual as well as service documents and receipts copies totaling over $9,000. This is a beautiful and well-equipped 2-owner 850CSi that is mechanically sound.
‘The BMW 8 Series represents a brilliant classic GT, a wonderful gran turismo motor-car. BMW’s designer Claus Luthe had wanted to create a GT with a drag coefficient of less than 0.3.
1994 BMW 850CSI 6-Speed rear view
‘To do so, he recruited designer Klaus Kapitza, who borrowed design cues from the bonnet of the BMW Turbo – a long-forgotten concept car – and the nose of the much-loved M1. But they didn’t just stop there, with everything from the windows to the wing mirrors designed for better aerodynamics, resulting in a remarkable drag coefficient of 0.29.
‘The BMW 8 Series’ looks were revolutionary, both sleek and beautiful. But BMW decided to also push the envelope on the inside of the vehicle: power memory seats were included. Unsurprisingly, when the car launched in 1989 at the International Autoshow in Frankfurt, it was a big, big hit.
‘However, it wasn’t until BMW Motorsport GmbH – BMW M GmbH, as its now named – got its hands on the 8 Series in 1992 that things got really exciting. The result – named the 850CSi – was simply several leagues up.
‘The V12 engine used in the 850i was the platform for the CSi version, but tweaked so much a new engine code was required: S70B56. Power delivery was silky smooth and the 850CSi was fitted with stiffer springs and dampers and its ride height reduced.
1994 BMW 850CSI 6-Speed interior
‘The steering was sharpened, too, while the front and rear bumpers were reworked to improve the already-impressive aerodynamics. The 850CSi was only available in manual, which meant you could take full advantage of racing through the gears with that big V12.
1994 BMW 850CSI 6-Speed engine
‘A car packed with cutting-edge technology, luxury, and performance was always going to be something special. And the fact it looked so good was simply an added bonus. All things considered, it’s no surprise the 850CSi is regarded as one of the best BMWs of the 1990s.
‘As we have said, with its top speed of 158 mph, the BMW M6 was the second fastest BMW ever produced.
‘No wonder that David Hockney, one of the greatest painters of the second half of the twentieth century, wanted to paint a picture of it.
The BMW 850CSi was certainly A Bigger Splash!
-Alex Manos, Owner
BMW 850CSI Buyer Alex Manos

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