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Buying or Selling a 1973 BMW E9

1973 BMW E9Over a decade into its New Class project, which was revealed in 1961, BMW had refined its automotive product to the highest degree of excellence. By the 1970s, BMWs M10 SOHC motor had been largely supplanted by the throatier, beefier M30 (several variations thereof) and the Bavarian car manufacturer had successfully bridged the divide between class and sportiness. And what the original E9 models had initiate, the 1973 BMW E9 carried on brilliantly. Between the E9 CS, CSA, and CSi, nearly 4500 units were manufactured in 1973, a testament to public demand for this muscular racing coup. Powered by its highly regarded M30 engine, the 1973 BMW E9 motored along with the might of 177-197 horsepower, depending on the specific model, and generated torque of between 255-272 Nm. This coup, with legitimate racing bona fides to its credit, was a rocket on wheels and instilled in its drivers a sensation of power which none of the New Class predecessors could quite equal.

Nowadays we regard BMWs as a virtually unequaled testament to what is achievable in terms of combining sophistication with muscle. But in the 1970s, this concept was still fairly nascent in the publics mind. The 1973 BMW E9 contributed indispensably in the cementing of this impression, and the reputation has persisted for the better part of a half-century. If any consumer on the planet is hyper-specific as to what they will purchase and in what condition, it is the vintage vehicle consumer. For this reason, the E9 series is a particularly sought after and prized piece of automotive history for large-scale collectors and modest enthusiasts alike. Working with a recognized dealership goes a long way towards meeting appropriately high expectations.

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Even higher than the expectations the Beverly Hills Car Club sets for itself are the quality standards it has established in terms of what sorts of vehicles it will sell to discerning patrons. Even the most well-made of BMW E9s warrant an inspection upon reaching their 40th year, which is why vetting and evaluation are of such importance. Within moments of working with the Beverly Hills Car Club dealership, you are certain to recognize the groups firm commitment to doing good car vetting work for its customers. Make your way to the dealership today and treat yourself to an experience unlike any other in the automotive space.

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