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Buying or Selling a 1974 BMW E9

1974 BMW E9In late-1973, geopolitical challenges came knocking and few automobile manufacturers escaped the crisis unscathed. An oil embargo orchestrated by the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) led to skyrocketing gas prices around the world, with the cost-per-gallon increasing by around 400% worldwide by early-1974. This so-called first oil shock (there was a second in 1979) hit the car manufacturing industry in the wallet and resulted in changes to production plans across the board. The 1974 BMW E9 was produced and released more at less at the zenith of this unfortunate state of affairs, and its unit numbers reflected as mucharound 2694 in total, compared to 6026 the year prior. A great vulnerability for the 1974 BMW E9 was also its greatest asset: that juicy M30 SOHC straight-6 motor with its fiery 177-197 horsepower and enough torque to nearly rear the beast up on its hindquarters. But engines of that sort require fuel, and nobody ever accused the M30 of being particularly fuel-efficient. At around 20 miles per gallon, even a moderate commute could devastate the owners finances while gas prices were quadrupling.

Assessed on its own merits, the 1974 BMW E9 is as fine a machine as any Bavarian Motor Works produced during that era. It was stylish, sophisticated, sporty, and strong. It handled well, drove steadily, possessed ample might, and could torque itself into knots. The vehicle was representative of everything its now legendary manufacturer had sought to accomplish competitively, commercially, and creatively. That it was released both during a major crisis brought on by outside influence was in no way a reflection of its objective quality. The 1974 BMW E9 was also rolling off the lines during the latter years of BMWs New Class era. Though it did not officially end until 1977, the E9 (which was modeled after the New Class design) was very much a latecomer to the saga that BMW had brilliantly essayed across more than a decades time.

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As the 1974 BMW E9 was a comparatively low-production year for that particular model, identifying one both available and in decent enough condition to warrant a purchase will be no mean feat. Fortunately, the seasoned professionals at Beverly Hills Car Club are well positioned to assist you with both locating and evaluating obscure classics of that sort. When in the care of the Beverly Hills Car Club, your vintage vehicle quest is certain to unfold with far greater success than what you would otherwise experience. Audition those esteemed pros immediately; they live to match buyers with the best vehicles for their unique tastes and needs.

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