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Buying or Selling a BMW 2000C

BMW 2000CThe BMW 2000C was the first of the New Class Coupes, the new bearer of the mantle of the 3200 CS. Powered by a 2-liter four-cylinder engine, the 2000C was mounted with a single carburetor and could deliver 100 horsepower at 5,500 revolutions per minute. Released alongside the 2000CS (which had twin-carburetors), the single-carburetor model was more often built with an automatic transmission as a feature, with 3,249 being built as automatics, and only 443 built with a manual transmission. The 2000C also featured a totally new frontal design, with a more aggressive demeanor than was typical of cars at the time. Featuring only the BMW double-kidneys as a grill, and rectangular headlights, which, due to government regulations in America, were not present on models sold in North America- they were instead replaced with four individual round headlights. Other than the front, the designs were primarily based off the 3200 CS, which had influenced the New Class as a whole.

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BMW 2000C Buyers Guide

Being available from 1965 to mid-1969, the BMW 2000C entails some special considerations if youre searching for one. Firstly, pay attention to the headlights! If theyre round, the car was sold in North America, whereas the European variant had rectangular headlights that look similar to some modern headlights. Secondly, pay attention to if its a stick or an automatic. The stick-shift variant is far more rare than the automatic, and the value of the car youre looking at will, accordingly, be higher than it would be if it were an automatic. For more tips, advice, and information about the BMW 2000C, or indeed any classic car, please dont hesitate to put yourself in contact with the Beverly Hills Car Club!

A delightful showroom based in L.A., the Beverly Hills Car Club is more than qualified to help you with anything involving classic cars- from providing information to helping you acquire the car youve always dreamed of, they could be what youve been looking for!

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