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Car Tales: Beauty Personified, The Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster

It is the spring of 1958, late afternoon.
You have just left the home of the glamorous actor Errol Flynn in Port Antonio on the north-east coast of Jamaica.
You hop into your Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster, with the top down.
1958 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster for sale
The XK150 – a thrillingly exciting and gorgeous car with such a sexy rumble from its engine and exhaust. You are driving west along the island’s north coast road, whitecaps bouncing on the azure Caribbean Sea on your right: a breathtaking sight. The sun shimmers and bounces on your face, the parrot-feather-soft breeze scuttling around it, a different sort of air-conditioning.

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On your left you pass the Junction road to Kingston, the Jamaican capital. Soon you are driving through the small coastal market town of Port Maria. And then a few miles along, dodging a pair of goats wandering like courting lovers along the centre of the blacktop, you imagine you can hear the partying from way up above you: Laurence Olivier, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and many other heroes and heroines of the world of the rich and famous, disporting themselves in an inevitably improper manner, at Firefly, the hilltop home of the multi-talented Noel Coward.
The XK150’s feline purr turns even more sensual as you kick it into its top gear. And it is only minutes before you are pulling into the rough track that leads to a former donkey racecourse.
1958 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster side view
Now known as Goldeneye, it’s the home of a still relatively unknown British author called Ian Fleming, who has invited you to the small party he is throwing to celebrate the completion of his fourth novel, mysteriously entitled Doctor No.
Oh, I’m sorry: where was I?
I know: busy being transported back to the world of one of the most sultry and sensational cars ever produced, one of which we currently have at Beverly Hills Car Club: a left-hand-drive 1958 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster with factory overdrive featured with matching numbers and finished in magnificent color scheme of Carmen Red combined with a Black interior.
Equipped with a manual transmission with overdrive, 3 1/2-liter straight-six engine, SU triple carburetors, quad exhaust tips, four-wheel disc brakes, Smiths instruments, Lucas branded ammeter, black convertible soft top, boot cover, chrome radiator grille, chrome trim/bumpers, four-spoke steering wheel, Lucas branded headlights, wire wheels with two-eared knock-off wheel spinners, jack, and a full-size spare tire fitted in the trunk. Amenities include manual-crank windows, forward-folding front seats, padded armrest, passenger dash grab handle, driver-side view mirror, dash-mounted rearview mirror, door pockets, glove box, dual wipers, and a cigar lighter with an ashtray. This sophisticated example is an an extremely original black plated California car that has been tucked away for many years in storage and is clearly not running but should not take much to get it back on the road.
Do not miss your opportunity to acquire such a remarkable and original XK150 ‘S’ model that will make an excellent restoration candidate.
The Jaguar XK150 was a sports car produced by Jaguar between 1957 and October 1960. Along with the XKE, which succeeded it, the Jaguar XK range are unquestionably the most important models ever built by Jaguar: the absolute essence of post-war British sports-cars, always with an indefinable poetic subtext underpinning them.
Even when brand new they seemed to ooze built-in nostalgia.
The XK150 was the successor to the XK140. Which in turn was the successor to the XK120, the opening salvo in this range of fabulous cars.
1958 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster rear view
The XK120 had been launched in its roadster form at the 1948 London Motor Show, a testbed and show car for the new Jaguar XK engine that had been designed by Jaguar Chief Engineer William Heynes – the architect of its fabulous sultry look. The display car was the first prototype, chassis number 660001. It looked almost identical to the production cars except that on the production version the straight outer pillars of its windscreen were curved.
1958 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster interior
In fact, initially the car was intended for limited production only to try out Jaguar’s new twin overhead camshaft engine, designated during design and development by the initials ‘XK’. But the sports-car caused a sensation, which persuaded Jaguar founder and Chairman William Lyons to put it into production.
At the time of its debut the XK120 was the world’s fastest production car, timed through the flying mile by the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium at 126.448 mph. There was nothing like it, and after its arrival it was impossible to overlook.
In 1954 came the upgrade to the XK140: more interior space, improved brakes, rack and pinion steering, increased suspension travel, and telescopic shock absorbers instead of the older lever arm design. And so it was until 1957 and the arrival of the XK150. Essentially the same format, the XK150’s big change was in the exterior and interior styling.
The former was more slab-sided and wider, yet retained the essence of the original XK120, but now using a wrap-around one-piece windscreen. Internally the car benefited from revised seating and a new dashboard layout. Unlike its predecessors it came with wind-up windows.
1958 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster engine
Just what was needed.
For this quintessential motoring beauty, the 1958 Jaguar XK150S 3.4 Roadster, will bring out your inner movie-star.
Now where is Ian Fleming?
What exactly is he doing behind that mango tree?
-Alex Manos, Owner
Jaguar XK150S buyer Alex Manos

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