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Buying A Classic Porsche 356

Porsche 911Buying a classic Porsche 356 can be an exciting time. When Porsche engineers designed this classic car icon nearly 60 years ago, little did they know their “bathtub” design would eventually evolve into the incredibly high-powered 911’s of today. The Porsche 356 had a very successful seven-year run, starting in 1948, before the launch of the highly desirable 356A. For this and many reasons, the 356 models, while expensive to restore, can be found for more reasonable prices than newer Porsche models. When you begin to consider the purchase of a Porsche 356 classic, start by looking at the documentation with the car, make note of the engine and chassis numbers, and ensure both match. You will find the chassis number located in the boot area in front of the tank.

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Porsche 356 Buyer’s Tips

When buying a classic Porsche 356, in addition to checking the chassis number, be sure to check the engine number is correct by matching it to that manufacturing period. One of the other main concerns when looking at any Porsche 356 model – 356a, 356b, 356c, or 356sc – is corrosion. Cars of this age often had very little rust protection. Panels and chassis parts can be expensive to find and restore. As with the purchase of any car, be sure to perform a thorough walk-around and seek the guidance of a professional.

The team of specialists at has assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers of classic American and European cars. If you are considering buying a classic Porsche 356, they have the knowledge, skill and resources needed to help you achieve your goals. Whether this is your first restoration project, you’re searching for a fully restored auto or would like to buy vintage Porsche 356 cars of any condition; their team stands ready to assist you. To learn more, please feel free to connect with them today. They are always just a phone call or inquiry away and look forward to helping you bring home a classic! Call them today at 310-975-0272 to start your classic car journey!

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