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How Do I Sell My Porsche 911 Classic? Advice from an Expert

Alex Manos Classic Car Buyer
Selling a much-loved car can be hard, but selling a Porsche 911 classic is always difficult. They’re beautiful cars that revolutionized the 20th Century: who would want to give these models up?

Classic Porsche for sale? We all have our reasons, and if the time has come to pass on this classic driving experience to the next proud owner, it’s best to take your time and do your homework in the sales process. It can be tricky to know just how much your car is worth, and there are many factors to consider:
-Is it going to a good home?
-Is the buyer reputable or trying to have you on?
-Is the deal fast and stress-free? etc. etc.

Alex Manos is the owner of Beverly Hills Car Club and an expert on classic cars. Straight from the mouth of a collector and active buyer, here is some advice about listing an old Porsche 911 for sale.

Why is the Porsche 911 Classic Sought After?

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If you walk down any high street and say, ‘I want to sell my Porsche 911 classic’, there will be interest. People want to buy these cars. The heritage and incredible design are both big reasons. The aesthetic is another. A classic Porsche 911 for sale is big news anywhere, so don’t worry about whether you’ll gather buyers. What you should focus on is getting the best and most accurate price for your vehicle.

Start by learning about the history of this important car and its value.

The History

The Porsche 911 classic arrived shortly after another legendary sports car; the Mercedes-Benz 300sl. The Mercedes 300sl was an incredibly important development in sports cars’ history for one major reason: it was the first real example of a racing car that anyone could drive. Being able to drive a racing champion every day was (and still is) a dream for many people. On Max Hoffman’s initiative, the 300sl realized that dream for car enthusiasts everywhere.

The Mercedes-Benz 300sl Roadster ceased production in 1963. However, that year also saw the unveiling of the Porsche 911, which went on sale in 1964. This car, too, became an amazingly successful racing car and a hugely popular choice for enthusiasts. It built on the idea that everyday folk could own and drive the car they saw at motor events. This made the Porsche 911 classic a massive hit, and it’s why this car is still so valuable today.

What Affects the Price if I Want to Sell My Porsche 911 Classic?

As we said before, if you’ve got an old Porsche 911 for sale, you’ll always find a buyer. Some models are prized higher than others, of course, and then there’s the matter of condition. Let’s take a look at a few things that will affect the buying price:

  1. Mileage. Fewer miles is often considered preferable for buyers who want to use the car regularly. This said, a few miles on the clock can be a sign of a car that has been well-used and well-maintained. An old car that’s never seen the road needs a very thorough inspection and possibly a lot of work.
  2. Condition. Due to the wild ride that the original Porsche 911 provided, a fair number have suffered accidents, even those still in use. While damage can be repaired, it’s worth considering what shape your Porsche 911 classic is in and what you could do about it.
  3. Color. It matters. It just does. Depending on the car, the story, the buyer — certain colors will bring higher bids than others.
  4. Features. Some features will make your vehicle more ideal for car enthusiasts. For example, the metal bumper on Type 901 will pretty much always command a higher price than without. The same goes for Turbo models and suchlike.
  5. Driving History. A classic car that has been used sparingly and respectfully, and properly maintained, is always a welcome sight. Not only does it vouch for the condition of the car, but it also speaks well for you as an owner.
  6. Paperwork. Having the car’s paperwork is important. Do the engine number and VIN match the paperwork? If you’re unsure, best to have a root around because this can be vital for getting a good price.

What if my car is damaged?

Don’t get discouraged if your car is in poor condition or if it has never traveled at all. If you have an old Porsche 911 for sale and it’s not in top shape, it can be sold to a buyer specializing in salvage projects and restorations. Some buyers want cars exactly for this reason.

You can also restore the car at your own expense to attract a higher price. In this case it’s worth finding out exactly how much money repairs will cost you.

If your classic Porsche 911 for sale just has a couple of scratches, doing the work yourself can be well worth it. If it requires a lot of heavy work, though, the restoration cost might even exceed the difference of how much it sells for. Think about it carefully — Alex says a bit of homework can save a lot of time. 

There’s More than One Porsche of Value

The original Porsche 911 classic was in production until 1989. If you look up ‘old Porsche 911 for sale’, though, you’ll find other models of the Porsche 911 than the original, which are all truly gorgeous and classic cars.

When a potential buyer hears of a classic Porsche 911 for sale, they’re going to want to know which model you’re talking about. You’ll have an easier time selling if you know as much about the car you’re planning to sell as possible.

Let’s start by pointing out a few things about the various models that Porsche have released under the 911 moniker.

Porsche Type 901

Fun fact: the Porsche 911 was originally meant to be called 901, but Peugeot claimed that Porsche couldn’t use the three-number sequence with a 0 in the middle. We don’t think Porsche lost out too much as a result of changing to 911.

This is considered the Porsche 911 classic. The car’s aesthetic is sumptuous, and a well-maintained early model will always turn heads. If you’re planning to sell your classic Porsche 911, props if it has metal bumpers — these were included until 1973 and are considered a definitive part of the original’s look.

Porsche Type 964

This was made between 1989 and 1994. It is considered one of the most user-friendly offerings for Porsche 911 classic enthusiasts. This is partly due to the inclusion of all-wheel drive and automatic transmissions as options for the vehicle; it also integrates the car’s bumpers more significantly than its predecessor.

Porsche Type 993

Released in 1995 and only continuing until 1998, the Type 993 is an absolute thing of beauty. The look is a practical triumph: modifications to the rear suspension and styling meant that the car’s famously violent tail-end was far more manageable.

The Type 993 Turbo was also released in 1995 and boasts the ability to do 0-100mph in 3.4 seconds. Best to mention this if you’re putting up your classic Porsche 911 for sale: it’s a mouth-watering prospect, but any buyer also needs to respect those awesome stats. 

Porsche Type 996

The Type 996 was produced in 1997, and continued in production until 2004 — although some high-performance models were still produced until 2006. It has a larger chassis and those distinctive ‘fried egg’ headlights, but perhaps its biggest break was with the water-cooled engine.

Porsche Type 997

In production from 2004 until 2012, the Porsche Type 997 is a mixture of old and new in the Porsche 911 bloodline. It returned to the classic headlights, but was updated to accommodate developing technologies better; for example, it’s the first Porsche to feature Bluetooth (from 2009 onwards).

Porsche Type 991

The Type 991 continues to move with the times, looking to reduce fuel consumption — but doesn’t give up in power. The body is larger but also lighter than previous iterations of the Porsche 911. Coming out in 2012, this model is still in production in 2020.

Some More Advice from Alex — Classic Porsche 911 FAQ

  • How Expensive is it to Maintain a 911 Classic?
  • While any classic car is going to cost a bit more if you need parts replaced, the Porsche 911 classic isn’t too bad as they come. If you’re looking to restore an old Porsche 911 for sale, you should come and talk to us about the kind of work it’d need on your end. 
  • Should I Sell My Porsche 911 Classic?
  • If you feel that you’ve had your time with any car and are looking to move on, then it’s probably time to sell. You want your car to be cared for after you sell it, and you also want to find a buyer who’ll give you a fair price and be honest and upfront with you. I’d always recommend calling us for a chat if you’ve got a classic Porsche 911 for sale.
  • How Can I Know if My Classic Car Will Appreciate in Value?
  • Generally, condition and scarcity are the two main defining factors of whether a car will appreciate in value. Anything you want to know about specific makes and models, including how rare they are and what that might mean for you, we’re happy to discuss. Our knowledge on classic cars is considerable, and we’re happy to share that with you.
  • What is the Best Place Online to Sell a Classic Porsche 911?
  • As always, sell it to someone who will talk to you extensively about your car’s value and deal with you honestly and in-person. At Beverly Hills Car Club, we’re easy to reach by phone or emailand will treat you with respect and honesty right from the word go. If you sell to us, we’ll pick up your car from anywhere in the United States. 

Reach Out Today!

It’s time to stop wondering and researching “how to sell my classic Porsche.” Reach out to our team at Beverly Hills Car Club to sell your vehicle! 

We’ll facilitate the sale of your vehicle efficiently so you can get the cash you need. 

Owner and classic car expert Alex Manos can help you navigate the minute details of the car selling process. 

It can be hard to part with your vehicle, but he and his team will ensure you get the best value for it. 

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