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Buying or Selling a 1960 BMW 700

1960 BMW 700Available as both a coupe and a two-door saloon, the 1960 BMW 700, were there a textbook dedicated to classic car information, could be used as the definition as an iconic, classic car. It not only defined the era it was made for, it embodied it in metal and glass. The car was small, affordable, and very fuel-efficient, in keeping with the distressed- but recovering- economy at the time. However, despite the somewhat grim reminder that fuel and resources in general were difficult to come by, the little motorcycle engine that drove the car was powerful for its size, and the handling was both lively and precise. The perfect car for a country quickly recovering from total economic collapse! BMWs last hope was unexpectedly also a great car for racing, as its engine was highly tunable, and the handling and acceleration was more than enough to make up for its not entirely impressive top speed. The 700 was the first car BMW had produced in some time to sell over 100,000 units- and it nearly sold 200,000. While not many outside the classic car business typically appreciate the car- or have even heard of it, it remains one of the most influential German cars in existence, and without it, BMW most likely wouldnt be around today.

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1960 BMW 700 Buyers Guide

What is true of all classic cars is true of the 1960 BMW 700. Always do your research, hire a professional inspector if you can, and if you cant, be sure to check thoroughly for rust and the originality of parts. The 700 was a smash success and exceedingly popular, and thus many examples have survived to this day, in variable conditions. The saloon was more common than the coupe by far, and the convertible model is more rare than both of these. If youre interested in the 60 BMW 700, the team at the Beverly Hills Car Club would be more than happy to assist you in any way they can!

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