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Buying or Selling a 1965 BMW 700

1965 BMW 700The 1965 BMW 700 is the last set of models in possibly the most influential line of cars in a singular companys history, short of the Ford Model T. The 700 essentially single-handedly saved BMW! Without it, it would have been absorbed by Mercedes-Benz at a fateful board meeting. While humble, the 700 series was the perfect car for its times, which were mostly troubled. A nearly bankrupt company in an economically ravaged country, BMW had tried and failed several times before something they did finally caught on with the public. They tried to make hand-made luxury cars for businessmen and superstars, and they were too expensive to produce and there just wasnt the demand for them. They tried going full-out bubble car with the 600 Isetta, but its outlandish aesthetics scared off the public- they didnt want to drive a car that reminded them of what a sorry state things were in every time they looked at it (or got in or out of the door at the front of the vehicle, which swung out, steering wheel and all), and it didnt sell anywhere near as much as it needed to. The 700, which is the same frame and general configuration as the 600, including rear suspension and engine, differentiated itself by looking like a conventional car- and an attractive one at that.

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1965 BMW 700 Buyers Guide

The widest selection of model types is available during the 1965 BMW 700 production year, simply because its the last production year and all current models were being produced until the 700 series discontinuation in November of 1965. As the end of an extraordinarily influential line of vehicles, 1965 700s are quite desirable and in understandably short supply. Always do your research about a car before ever considering buying, and, as cant be stressed enough, unless you are one yourself, hire a qualified professional to inspect the vehicle before you buy- you never know what they might find, but it isnt typically good news. Its better to pay for the car to be looked at beforehand when anything that damages the value can be reflected in the price offered by the owner, rather than in your bank account from repairs. For more information, or a great place to start (and likely finish) your classic car search, give the Beverly Hills Car Club a call!

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