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Buying or Selling a 1963 BMW 700

1963 BMW 700One variant of the 1963 BMW 700 was the 700 CS- a renamed Sport, which was introduced in 1960. The Sport, and subsequently the CS, was only available as a coupe, and featured a much-improved engine and an anti-roll bar in the rear. Another change heralded by 1963 was an overall improvement to the engine present in all basic 700 models, increasing its power output to 32 horsepower (quite good for a puny motorcycle engine in that day and age). For those who still valued the car’s original economy, the 700 LS was also released in this years model line-up. The LS was a very simplified version of the new Luxus, and had a lower price tag than its roomier counterpart. The wide array of model variations for the 700 at this point was something of both an overture, as well as a foreshadowing of what was to come for BMW after the 700 had had its time in the sun. But for 1963, and the two years following, the 700 would remain BMWs golden child, and retain its well-deserved spotlight.

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1963 BMW 700 Buyers Guide

Given the wide range of models available in the 700 line by this point, buying a 1963 BMW 700 could mean any number of things- the Luxus saloon, the CS sport model, the coupe, the convertible, and the newly-introduced economical LS saloon. What this means for you is that you need to do your research more than ever, as each of these cars is valued differently, and thus drastic variations in price between model types can be present. Knowing exactly what youre buying is paramount to having a good experience in the classic cars market, regardless of whether or not your goal is a personal collection or more of an investment. As such, aside from knowing what type of 700 youre looking at, you should also very seriously consider getting anything you feel you might want to buy looked at by both a professional car inspector and a mechanic whom you trust- better still if they have experience with classic cars. For more tips and information regarding the 700, one of the first people to call would be the Beverly Hills Car Club. They live, breathe, and dream classic cars, and theres no one more qualified to provide you with any information you might want. Calling them would be well worth your time, as the amount of money you might mistakenly spend otherwise could be astronomical.

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