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Buying or Selling a BMW 700

BMW 700The BMW 700 is a small, rear-engine car with a production running from 1959 to 1965. It is also the car that saved BMW from going bankrupt and being absorbed by another company! After a series of failed efforts to re-enter the car industry after World War II, BMW was on the brink of total financial ruin, and needed something to pull it back from out of the chasm. That thing was the 700. Built using the engine and innovations pioneered in the 600, the BMW 700 was a sales success, and a breath of sweet relief for the ailing BMW. Produced as a saloon, a coupe, and a convertible, nearly 200,000 were built. At the 1959 Frankfurt Motor show, the saloon and the coupe were showcased for the first time. Soon after the show, BMW received 25,000 orders for the new 700, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Due to its popularity, the BMW 700 is not terribly rare as opposed to other classic cars, but it is still a classic car, and as such, there is a massive variation in value for each individual car. Knowing this, its absolutely imperative that you do your research and thoroughly inspect any vehicle you may want to purchase. A classic tip for classic car buyers is to run away from rust. Rust is difficult and time-consuming to fix, and large patches of rust on a car can be indicative of even more underlying issues, seeing as if a car is all rusty, then how well has it really been preserved? Tiny spots of rust arent necessarily cataclysmic deal breakers, but its still a risk to you as the buyer. For more information about the BMW 700, buyers guide tips, or if youre in the market to buy a 700, the good people at the Beverly Hills Car Club would love to hear from you!

The Beverly Hills Car Club is a team of expert professionals who have dedicated themselves to the appreciation of classic cars, and they eagerly await being contacted by those whom they can help- either by sharing their wealth of experience and knowledge, or by helping you find the classic car of your dreams.

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