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Buying or Selling a 1962 BMW 700

1962 BMW 700A 1962 BMW 700 saloon is different from those of previous years in one respect: the original saloon was replaced with the 700 Luxus, whose wheelbase was extended by 16 centimeters, or 6.3 inches. While this doesnt sound particularly special, half a foot more of leg-room was an absolutely unprecedented addition in the era of economy cars. To have the money and resources available to be able to add an entire half a foot to a car for no reason other than passenger comfort was indicative not only of BMWs return to a stable (and improving) financial state, but also the comeback of a society trampled to the dust by war and subsequent poverty. Fitting, then, that they used their newfound wealth to improve the car that restored it to them- the 700! However, not all of their money was going into the production of 700s. Rather, it was going to a newer project that would truly indicate BMWs emergence from the long, dark night of the post-war economy. That project would eventually lead to the 700 going out of production, but in 62, it still had a few years in it yet.

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1962 BMW 700 Buyers Guide

With the introduction of the Luxus version of the 1962 BMW 700, the original saloon became somewhat of a rarity. In order to tell the two apart, keep in mind that when next to each other, the Luxus would be a little over six inches longer than the old, standard saloon. Although it would be a rare event that someone has both sitting next to each other and not know what it is they have on their hands. Best to know the length of the original saloon and doing research, and then bring a tape measure to see how long the car being offered is. The reason for all this work on your part being that you want to get the best and most real value of the car before paying someone for something that might just turn out to be either far more common than you thought, or, in a worst-case scenario, a rust bucket under some nice carpeting! For more information and tips like these, or if youre interested in buying a classic car, you should give the Beverly Hills Car Club a call- theyre always happy to help.

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