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Looking to Sell Your Mercedes 190SL?

Are you hoping to sell your Mercedes 190SL? Whether you’re looking to free up space in your garage or add other vehicles to your car collection, you need to make sure you get a good value for your beloved 190SL.

There’s a lot to consider when selling your vehicle. You may have received it as a family heirloom or purchased it outright with your hard-earned money. You shouldn’t see it go without getting a fair price for it.

Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about selling your Mercedes 190SL and how to get the best value from it.

The Beginning – The History of the Mercedes 190SL

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The Mercedes 190SL has a relatively short but important history. It was first revealed as a prototype in 1954 at the New York Auto Show. The vehicle was officially produced from 1955 to 1963. During this nine-year period, Mercedes-Benz released an estimated 25,881 units. Production was at its highest in 1956 and its lowest in 1963.

The assembly of these vehicles took place in West Germany. Only a few more than 10,000 vehicles were purchased by U.S. consumers; the rest were spread across other countries.

It’s estimated that nearly half of 190SLs no longer exist today. Their rarity is one of the most attractive things about these vehicles. Another main reason that consumers purchase this car is because of its timeless design.

It even won recognition as a “Milestone Car” by the Milestone Car Society. Many elements of the 1950s 190SL models are still used in the contemporary Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Visual appeal isn’t the only thing that the 190SL has going for it. This vehicle offers great durability, dependability, and drive. It’s equipped with a 1.9-liter 4-cylinder engine that produces up to 105 horsepower.

The synchronized manual transmission lets the driver easily shift the car and select the pertinent gear. Thanks to its innovative engineering, the 190SL always lets the driver maintain solid control of the vehicle.

What Factors Will Make (or Break) a 190SL Sale?

It’s no secret that not every 190SL will sell for the same price. 

Some vehicles will be sold fully restored, while others will go on the market as project cars.

If you’ve done all the work necessary to fully restore your 190 SL, you can expect to receive a good amount more money from a seller.

Some 190SL owners may not be interested in restoring their car, and that’s perfectly okay. Here at Beverly Hills Car Club, we buy classic cars in virtually any condition. 

When you sell your car as a project car, you give the opportunity to make those necessary restorations and breathe new life into the vehicle!

There are a variety of factors that can influence the price you’ll secure and how your car sale will go. Some of them include:


Current Condition

Your 190SL won’t be in the same condition as the day it first hit the market. Anything from engine damage to general wear and tear can bring down the value of your car. 

Rust is one common nuisance that plagues 190SL owners. A couple of reasons that a 190SL could have rust are its clogged drain holes and double-wall construction. If these issues have been left unaddressed, the car may be rusted from the inside out. You may need to get some serious work done on the car before you even think about selling it. 


The color of your vehicle doesn’t affect its driving performance, so you may not give much thought to it when you start the selling process. However, aesthetics are a big deal to car collectors. 

According to the automotive lifestyle company Hagerty, red is the most common color that car collectors chase after. This is mainly because red is associated with expensive and fast sports cars. 

However, this rule of thumb doesn’t guarantee how well a car will sell. Other colors can actually sell quicker in certain scenarios. 

Some other common colors include blue, silver, green, and yellow. Some of the least popular colors among car collectors include teal, purple, and pink.

However, a car that’s teal or purple may be easier to sell in certain markets, as their target price often starts lower. 


What kind of mileage does your 190SL have? If your car has been in your family for generations as the primary vehicle, chances are that it racked up some mileage. However, some vehicles may be spared when it comes to mileage due to them sitting around in a garage collecting dust. In general, the fewer miles on your car, the more you’ll be able to sell it for. 

The Most Highly-Sought-After Year of the 190SL

There is plenty of debate surrounding the best year of the 190SL. As much as we’d like to provide you with a cut-and-dried answer, there is no definitive “best” year of the 190SL.

It all depends on a buyer’s personal preferences. The models from each year each have their own unique benefits. For example, some models have smaller back windows and soft folding tops, while others have larger back windows and detachable hard tops. 

How Does the 190SL Differ from the 300SL?

Despite the numerical names of the vehicles, the 300SL actually precedes the 190SL. The 300SL was officially released in 1954. The 190SL followed it in the same year as a prototype and was so popular that it was officially released one year later to the public. 

The two vehicles are similar in a lot of ways. For example, both use an identical 94.5-inch wheelbase. And, the 190SL was made specifically as a cheaper alternative to the beloved 300SL model. 

Even though the 190SL model enjoyed some popularity, it was always viewed as the “little sister” of the bigger and (arguably) better 300SL. 

The 300 version was a truly innovative vehicle, as it had features like aluminum tubular space frame construction and fuel injection. On the other hand, the 190 version was largely based on the sedan model.

The 190SL did not have speed on its side. It was designed more for casual drives around town. The vehicle’s bigger sister was named the sports car of the century, and it was known as the fastest production car of its time. 

Even though its popularity was shadowed by its sister model, the 190SL is still highly-sought-after among car collectors today. This version represents an important part of Mercedes-Benz’s history, as it granted consumers a more affordable option when it came to purchasing a luxury vehicle. 

Should I Sell My 190SL?

Whether you should sell your 190SL is of course a personal decision. In its current state, your vehicle may appreciate over time. However, selling it now can present you with a nice sum of cash and a chance to further your car collecting career in a new direction. 

If you do decide to sell, here are some tips to follow before you initiate a sale:

  • Complete any necessary mechanical and cosmetic work
  • Detail the inside and outside of your car
  • Collect all relevant records and paperwork
  • Gather any spare parts that came with the car
  • Take high-quality photos of your car’s exterior, interior, and engine

How Expensive Is It to Maintain a 190 SL?

The maintenance costs for a 190SL will largely depend on its current condition and how often you use it. The annual maintenance costs can range from anywhere between $600-$2000. 

How Often Should I Get My 190SL Serviced?

Ideally, you should get your 190SL serviced once a year. 

What’s the Best Place to Sell a Classic Mercedes 190SL Online?

There are thousands of sites you can use to sell your Classic Mercedes 190SL online. However, not all of them are reputable.

Here are some tips to follow so you don’t get scammed by a collectible car dealership online:

  • Gauge the buyer’s integrity (speak to him or her on the phone and use your intuition)
  • Don’t agree to unusual payment methods
  • Pay attention to its online reviews

If you don’t research the buyer beforehand, you risk getting a low-ball offer or completely ripped off.

Your buyer should be knowledgeable and well-trained in the car collecting field. 

Here at Beverly Hills Car Club, we are dedicated to getting you the most optimal price for your car. Our owner Alex Manos is very knowledgeable and possesses years of expertise in his field. When you sell your 190SL to us, we can guarantee you the best possible value. 

How Do We Appraise Mercedes 190SLs?

We appraise Mercedes 190SLs by evaluating their condition, mileage, and inclusion of OEM parts. We’ll also get an idea of their current market value by analyzing the recently recorded public sales of other 190SLs. Considering all of these factors will help us appraise your vehicle.

Reach Out Today!

It’s time to stop wondering and researching “how to sell my Mercedes Benz 190SL.” Reach out to our team at Beverly Hills Car Club to start the process of selling your vehicle! 

We’ll facilitate the sale of your vehicle efficiently so you can get the cash you need. 

Owner and classic car expert Alex Manos can help you navigate the minute details of the car selling process. 

It can be hard to part with your vehicle, but he and his team will ensure you get the best value for it. 

Alex Manos - Owner / Classic Car Buyer

Call Now:  310.975.0272

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