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Buying or Selling a 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

1955 Rolls Royce Silver DawnThe final iteration of what had been a brilliant seven-year run, the 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn served as an excellent capstone for the model. When Charles Rolls and Henry Royce formed their partnership in 1906, the charter idea had been as straightforward as it was lofty. In short, the aim was to produce exceedingly high-performance engines housed within a fine-tuned, precision chassis. And the 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn was very much consistent with that aim. Its 4.6-liter straight-6 engine was certainly powerful and suitably sized for what was, after all, a full-size, four-door saloon. Despite its large dimensions, the 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn could achieve a top speed of over 90 miles per hour, which was a testament to the luxury cars relatively favorable power/weight ratio.

Following World War II, certain industrial and manufacturing changes were visited upon the automobile industry. Where Rolls Royce is concerned, this meant relying upon the Pressed Steel Company for the manufacture of its complete cars. However, this production template was not universal in the case of the Silver Dawn, many of which were outfitted by bodies designed/built by several renowned coachbuilders. Famous examples included Pininfarina, Saoutchik, James Young, and H.J. Mulliner & Co. The latter of these would, along with Park Ward, eventually be taken in-house by Rolls Royce, as the trend towards complete wheels-to-bonnet construction became an industry standard. In all, only 760 Silver Dawn units were produced between 1949 and 1955, which renders them somewhat rare by classic luxury car standards. Therefore, working with a skilled and established dealer is essential where tracking down your own model is concerned.

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