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Buying or Selling a Silver Cloud HJ Mulliner

Silver Cloud HJ MullinerEngineering/automotive pioneers Charles Rolls and Henry Royce founded their eponymous high-end car manufacturing operation in 1906, when the industry was still in its infancy and trailblazing innovators needed as much in the way of risk-taking capacity as they did business savviness. Another consideration to bear in mind is that of transportation carryovers. For while the internal combustion engine was decades old when Rolls and Royce first broke ground, the horse-drawn carriages were still very much in usage. Thus, coachbuilding was a thriving industry when motor vehicles were new on the scene, and their expertise was routinely employed in employing a given cars chassis with a comfortable carriage. Which brings us to the Silver Cloud HJ Mulliner.

Though diminished by the embracing of increasingly streamlined manufacturing processes, coachbuilding was nevertheless sought out by individual buyers well into the mid-20th century. When Rolls Royce HJ Mulliner in 1959, the Silver Cloud was in its fifth year of production. A select few units from that point on fell under the Silver Cloud HJ Mulliner heading, with both drop-head and fixed-head coupe variants being manufactured in sparse numbers. Otherwise, the Silver Cloud HJ Mulliner was very much consistent with every other model of its kind. Because of its having been produced in such a limited quantity, the unit is highly sought after by collectors and luxury car aficionados of many stripes. Enlisting savvy allies is key to strategically staking your claim in this rarefied Rolls Royce terrain.

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